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SkinnyTable III

2011 - 2016

Crystalline structures rise to the surface, emerging from their liquid state,like saffron medusas, unable to resist the Moon’s attraction.

Exhibition view MEF, Turin.
Carbon, steel, cultivated crystals, artistic pedestal.
115 x 120 x 90 cm

SkinnyTable II


Exhibition view Con Artist Gallery, N.Y.
Cultivated crystals, artist’s pedestal
120 x 100 x 100 cm

Within her latest investigations the artist explores crystalline growth and its unique properties in multiform cultivations, a combination of scientific experiment and artistic exploration, which has at its core the observation of crystal growth.
The crystal originates and grows in an interplay of light and energetic reflexes, which exalt the process of materializing and connects the crystal with the idea of consciousness, in which the spirit of the observer has the possibility to influence its geomorphological growth.

The crystals grow within a field permeated by the observer and adapt to each other, creating complex geometric phenomena and supported by an evolving space - time dynamic.

SkinnyTable I

 2012 - 2014

Exhibition view 123 Gallery, N.Y.
Onyx from Mexico, artist’s pedestal
120 x 100 x 100 cm

© Antje Rieck, Berlin.