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Cultivated Crystals on Steel and Aluminium.
  150 x 230 x 25 cm
Exhibition set up Museo Ettore Fico, MEF, Turin.


– Antje Rieck describes a Sunday walk down the east river of Manhattan; the weather was brisk and the light trying to burst its luminescence against the grey coldness. Ahead the colossal supports of the Brooklyn Bridge shadow a sandy beach hinting on the edge of visibility; washed to this shore are salt bathed wood; washed remnants of old New York piers; next to sea glasses of pink greens and purples. Pebbles and large rocks populate the granulated sand. A burst of light; the sun momentarily escaping the grey sheet of clouds; illuminates the scenes.

Qfwfq, “… I saw again the things I had once known grey, and I was still amazed at discovering fire was red, ice white, the sky pale blue, the earth brown, the rubies were ruby-coloured, and topazes the colour of topaz, and emeralds emerald.” Qfwfq had fallen in love with Ayl in a sandy wasteland before colors, “…when the ultraviolet era was approaching its end on our planet.” They played catch with a ball of quartz, a time when Calvino supposes, “…we didn’t have many concepts at our disposal: to indicate what we two were, for example what we had in common and what was different.” –

Extract of: 
By Lalita Salander
Exhibition Stones and Roses, Museo Ettore Fico, MEF, Turin.

© Antje Rieck, Berlin.